About us

19 November 1997 … I was born in Sicily, in a town where no horizons are seen, where the sea is a point of support for the population but for me it became too far away.

Originally Italian but Swiss to pursue my passions, I decide to undertake international studies in the field of Hospitality Management.

Thus was born a very creative boy, a lover of his own land, but obliged to move away to pursue his dreams. Enterprising, Style and Creativity are the characteristics that belong to me.

“I live life to pursue my dreams”.

Giuseppe Minaudo

Moldovan girl who is convinced that coincidences are not coincidences at all.

Driven by the passion of giving the best of myself to others, I followed the road of Swiss Hotel business Management which has showed me life lessons and and opened new horizons, brought miracle called love.

Along with Italian passion and attention to details, their elegance has left a footprint on me.

The diverse love and beauty of style and lifestyle to be inspired from is my reason of sharing my journey with the world.

“Be brave, be grateful, be the best version of yourself”

Alexandrina Ceban