We are a couple, we should match!

A relationship is full of moments. Moments where you love at fullest, you are happy and where you believe that nothing can make your life better. At the same time, from time to time few discussions can be a part of you, but we are completely sure that every discussion doesn’t have a sense!

It was a wonderful night, usually when I come back home from work, ready to take shower and put my pajamas on. My fantastic lady wasn’t home and just a few minutes after I receive a voice message. “ Lovie, I am in the mall and I am buying a dress”. My beautiful reply: “Yes baby, buy it, I am sure it is amazing on you”. 

Let’s start from the fact that the next day was Friday and we were invited in a Brunch with some friends. Every time we have an event together, I always ask what she would like me to wear. I bought a wonderful jacket that was fitting me perfectly. I was so happy and excited, however I prepared my outfit one day before. 

We like to have these sexy conversations on the phone: “buy the dress short so I can move it up”, “buy something tiny so that I can see your back”. Basically, a lot of sexy moments going on! A secret guys, my phone is full!

 I started the conversation with the fact that my outfit is ready for tomorrow. The wonderful question arrived: “What are you wearing?” I am not telling you,it will be a surprise.

That amazing lady that I have by my side wanted to know my choice. I finally told her and the first thing was: “Lovie, I think we are not matching”. I got nervous and I instantainely closed that phone. Listen, tomorrow you will go alone, I will not come!

That famous sentence: We should match, we are a couple! I don’t care, I wear what I want for my best elegance. And the wonderful result, that ugly white dress, she was looking like a lady that came from Alaska. When I saw her, I just realized that my previous outfit was matching at fullest, even if she wasn’t at my level. 

Never listen to your partner in these kind of situations, do what think is the best for you and you will survive long in your private relationship. A difficult relationship is what ladies are looking for, and we should be the one to be loved. Use your simplicity, listen to your heart and you will match each other without even breathing. Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. Be simple, wear what describe you the best and never match your partner. More colors, more creativity, more love!

Kisses, hugs and everything else.

Amore & Magia

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