Distance relationship, survival guide.

Distance relationship… Two words and so much can be said around it. If someone would have asked to explain how it is to have someone whom you love apart from you, I would just say that’s hard. It’s hard both mentally and physically. Who wouldn’t need a hug on a rainy day or an instant support after a bad working day? On the other hand, sharing positive energy and emotions in the moment is as well something that would be missing. 

Our relationship has started or better to say almost didn’t start due to the lack of time that we had a head of us. It was 3 weeks prior to our graduation. These would have been possibly last 3 weeks that we see each other, thought Alexandrina. “You can always recover time”, said Giuseppe. Would you believe him at that stage of acquaintance? I didn’t, silly 🙂 

Since our first time of separating on the 23rd September, 2018, Giuseppe has flew to Dubai and has absolutely no idea in what life would throw at both of us. He had started his mandatory internship and she was desperately waiting for his voice message as they couldn’t even make a video call, it is banned in Middle East, can you believe it? But honestly, how long can you resist staying on your phone 24/7 when there is so much life offers us. 

It was the lady’s birthday and he has sent a package to her place that apparently has only reached her 2 weeks later and then a viber call, that was disrupted, he forgot to top his phone up. And most importantly, they were still apart. Oh wow, what else could be wrong, you would think. But apparently, those two were completely into each other and nothing else seemed to bother them even on the distance of 4,883 km. 

So, how do you deal with this situation? Would you cry that its just your destiny of being apart, would you take the first flight to Dubai or would you just wait for his first step? Believe me, if you have really fall in love with that man, you would identify for yourself at least two ways out of the situation and this is what we did. He had a plan going on, but she wasn’t sharing hers as well… 

Interviews, emails, recruiters, flight to Switzerland. For what? She was planning to go after him without him knowing, but he was desperately repeating: “Alexandrina, please, don’t come here, it’s hard!”. What she could do? She listened to her heart, it didn’t lie. 

She was constantly going through the voice messages and pictures that they have managed to click, had taken flight to be in the same place where they have had their first date night, walked by the lake where they were looking at each other with the sparks in their eyes. Same places actually are not the same when we don’t have our people with us. 

You can go through many books or stories, watch those perfectly shot movies about love on distance, still you wouldn’t want to be the one. And yes, there are people who have their boyfriends or husbands away for months and years, and I have my respect towards them. But as we are going through it now together, I understand that the best cure for distance is getting closer to each other. Be patient, it won’t be resolved in a blink of an eye, but it is so much worth it in the end. 

Do you believe they made it? Is love that powerful to cross oceans and continents?

Expect the unexpected,

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