Make love and be seen!

The way you melt on me, the use of your soft hands and fingers to touch me, the whisper of your desire that put me on fire!

I always feel the heat when you slip down your hand, they pass through my chest and stomach, and I feel a weird sensation cover all my body. A question of minutes or even seconds, and the temperature goes up, sometimes me, sometimes you are up… I love kissing every part of your body and seeing you turning on, where the sky is very near. 

The rides are adventurous, you on top of me and your head on my shoulders, the fantastic end that is our best part, when we realize that it was really a long way. 

It was a late Saturday, and naturally we love to have sex. As a usual night, we end up kissing slowly, taking off all the clothes and start the amazing adventure that we would like to never end. We were into it, enjoying every pleasure of that moment when we realized that it wasn’t the perfect place and time. 

It is a risk for us to go out and maintain our limits, therefore that night was one of this! We are from the opinion that experiences are the most beautiful things in life, and arrived at this point, we can write a book full of stories where our love and passion is unlimited. 

It was a confusion, we didn’t know what to do and the blanket was the only solution to cover ourselves. It ended in a laugh, and a lot of shyness in our eyes.

If you are a crazy couple, don’t follow rules but do what you feel. Life is one, we shouldn’t consider limits, but use your time to experience new things. Be always near your partner, feel the love and pleasure, don’t forget to be on top or under of her/him. That feeling is completely heaven that will be never forgotten!

Amore & Magia

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