Photo session as a source of a memory keeper

Usually during the best moments of your life you would rarely crab your camera to film it, you would rather enjoy the moment without any redundant breath or blink of an eye. This was my biggest motivation to record our memories, capture the moments of tenderness and euphoria, to carry out these emotions across the years. There’s no need for a special occasion or right moment, professional photographer or a perfect weather. You & Him. All the needed tools.

Even if both of us are users of smartphones, we do shoot moments thru our selfie cameras, in January this year I have organized our first photoshoot in Dubai. Time passed by quickly in UAE before our eyes, moments fleeted, but these pictures will forever help us to hang on to those memories a little longer.

Do I encourage you to make the same? The answer is a definite YES! Go further, print them, make albums. Don’t forget to gift one to your grandparents, they surely have your only picture from the kindergarten graduation or primary school. 

Capture raw moments of happiness, perpetuate them eternally.

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