The beginning: The Amore & Magia journey!

Being at the university is fun, happy and full of beautiful moments. Sometimes it can be amazing and sometimes the opposite. I was studying the second here of university and as everyone, my main goal was to approach and have fun with all the girls in the school. I was in the right track and I was enjoying it!

My best friend in university is Icelandic and as a team we were pretty good. Observing, evaluating and doing actions was our privilege. Let’s start from here, a lunch was going on in one of the best Italian restaurants of the town, and unfortunately the phone starts ringing! Everyone knows the sound of Instagram and everyone knows as well that the specific sound can be a wonderful news for the upcoming night!

Two fantastic ladies trying to follow my handsome friend and not me! I am hugly, everyone knows! We started implementing some strategies and tactics and the first invitation was sent: “Hello ladies, would you like to drink something with us these days? Me and my friend are interested in you! After trying hard and after a little bit of effort we made it! Super happy and excited, everything was organized. A bar by the lake and a few drinks to enjoy the night. I was late, too busy to arrive there on time, but my mind was there, Alexandrina was so beautiful and she is even better now! 

First night, talking, laughing and making fun of me! She started from the beginning, she was aggressive, really aggressive! But I was liking it, and I was playing her game! The first night ended and the only message I received was: Thank you for the company”, like I was a dog!

Alexandrina was avoiding my messages, not replying and acting like she was ok with it! I was getting nervous but I was observing the situation! There was a big gap from the first to the second night, but we made it! I was aware that Alexandrina didn’t want to come, but she was there, not in the right mood. A bottle of wine, talking, talking and talking. I was feeling in love, that beautiful voice, movements and looks. I was drinking a lot, trying to avoid that shyness!

From that time, everything ended and I didn’t know how to approach her. She is so sophisticated, and everything should be evaluated and calculated! The last strategy came to our mind, playing cards! Two times in a row, and a lot of questions: Why are you sad? What happened? Honestly speaking, I was very close to leave that table and go to sleep. I didn’t!

Alexandrina was dating someone, I didn’t know but I had that kind of impression! Through messages, I tried to explain to her the real situation and that I have feelings for her, and the only answer was: Go for it!

I started my amazing journey, it was full of Amore, the Magia arrived later on! An invitation to a restaurant, 5 days after she accepted and the best table on that restaurant was booked! 5 hours of talking and I know just two things: a bill of 140 euro, I didn’t eat anything and I was drunk! I was missing some words and I was so stressed! The most important question: Is it hard for you a distance relationship? The beautiful answer: it is fine, as long as you feel in love with the other person! It was a long night and the last words: Goodnight, thank you for the night!

Three days passed, another date and a bar with amazing live music. It was raining and in a message I just said: I hope doesn’t rain and the instant reply: Rain doesn’t change anything! I was hoping a kiss on that rainy night! So romantic! A perfect table with a sofa was booked, so she could seat next to me. Do you want to know the end? We stayed there for 3 hours and she never seat next to me! That night was impressive, holding hands and touching each other. A goodnight and a small kiss, Alexandrina didn’t see it as a real one.

What happened? A silence that broke my heart, in my mind there was just a thought, I lost Alexandrina! But that amazing time arrived, I need to talk to you! Few hours to understand what was wrong and after the italian class of talking, Alexandrina fell in love! A beautiful kiss and I slept like no one else on that night.

Everything started, long nights, a lot of kisses and sleeping with her on top of me where my chest was dying of pain! It was the best time of my life and without a doubt the best girl in the past 20 years. 

After one month it was time to be apart, the hard time started and tears coming down. It was graduation and I felt like giving her colorful flowers, just a reminder that everything will be fine, I am by your side and our life will be full of happiness. And a small card: Congratulations for your achievement, you deserve it!

Amore was in the air, not at fullest but was there! We love to share our love story and keep in mind that nowadays it is hard to find the person of your life! There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved! I love her and I hope she loves me!

A movie starts, and slowly the episodes will continue! The only difference, a movie has an end, we will never have it!

Amore grows and the magic comes along with it!

The start of thousand upcoming stories!

Amore & Magia    

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