A relationship is full of moments. Moments where you love at fullest, you are happy and where you believe that nothing can make your life better. At the same time, from time to time few discussions can be a part of you, but we are completely sure that every discussion doesn’t have a sense!

It was a wonderful night, usually when I come back home from work, ready to take shower and put my pajamas on. My fantastic lady wasn’t home and just a few minutes after I receive a voice message. “ Lovie, I am in the mall and I am buying a dress”. My beautiful reply: “Yes baby, buy it, I am sure it is amazing on you”. 

Let’s start from the fact that the next day was Friday and we were invited in a Brunch with some friends. Every time we have an event together, I always ask what she would like me to wear. I bought a wonderful jacket that was fitting me perfectly. I was so happy and excited, however I prepared my outfit one day before. 

We like to have these sexy conversations on the phone: “buy the dress short so I can move it up”, “buy something tiny so that I can see your back”. Basically, a lot of sexy moments going on! A secret guys, my phone is full!

 I started the conversation with the fact that my outfit is ready for tomorrow. The wonderful question arrived: “What are you wearing?” I am not telling you,it will be a surprise.

That amazing lady that I have by my side wanted to know my choice. I finally told her and the first thing was: “Lovie, I think we are not matching”. I got nervous and I instantainely closed that phone. Listen, tomorrow you will go alone, I will not come!

That famous sentence: We should match, we are a couple! I don’t care, I wear what I want for my best elegance. And the wonderful result, that ugly white dress, she was looking like a lady that came from Alaska. When I saw her, I just realized that my previous outfit was matching at fullest, even if she wasn’t at my level. 

Never listen to your partner in these kind of situations, do what think is the best for you and you will survive long in your private relationship. A difficult relationship is what ladies are looking for, and we should be the one to be loved. Use your simplicity, listen to your heart and you will match each other without even breathing. Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. Be simple, wear what describe you the best and never match your partner. More colors, more creativity, more love!

Kisses, hugs and everything else.

Amore & Magia

Distance relationship… Two words and so much can be said around it. If someone would have asked to explain how it is to have someone whom you love apart from you, I would just say that’s hard. It’s hard both mentally and physically. Who wouldn’t need a hug on a rainy day or an instant support after a bad working day? On the other hand, sharing positive energy and emotions in the moment is as well something that would be missing. 

Our relationship has started or better to say almost didn’t start due to the lack of time that we had a head of us. It was 3 weeks prior to our graduation. These would have been possibly last 3 weeks that we see each other, thought Alexandrina. “You can always recover time”, said Giuseppe. Would you believe him at that stage of acquaintance? I didn’t, silly 🙂 

Since our first time of separating on the 23rd September, 2018, Giuseppe has flew to Dubai and has absolutely no idea in what life would throw at both of us. He had started his mandatory internship and she was desperately waiting for his voice message as they couldn’t even make a video call, it is banned in Middle East, can you believe it? But honestly, how long can you resist staying on your phone 24/7 when there is so much life offers us. 

It was the lady’s birthday and he has sent a package to her place that apparently has only reached her 2 weeks later and then a viber call, that was disrupted, he forgot to top his phone up. And most importantly, they were still apart. Oh wow, what else could be wrong, you would think. But apparently, those two were completely into each other and nothing else seemed to bother them even on the distance of 4,883 km. 

So, how do you deal with this situation? Would you cry that its just your destiny of being apart, would you take the first flight to Dubai or would you just wait for his first step? Believe me, if you have really fall in love with that man, you would identify for yourself at least two ways out of the situation and this is what we did. He had a plan going on, but she wasn’t sharing hers as well… 

Interviews, emails, recruiters, flight to Switzerland. For what? She was planning to go after him without him knowing, but he was desperately repeating: “Alexandrina, please, don’t come here, it’s hard!”. What she could do? She listened to her heart, it didn’t lie. 

She was constantly going through the voice messages and pictures that they have managed to click, had taken flight to be in the same place where they have had their first date night, walked by the lake where they were looking at each other with the sparks in their eyes. Same places actually are not the same when we don’t have our people with us. 

You can go through many books or stories, watch those perfectly shot movies about love on distance, still you wouldn’t want to be the one. And yes, there are people who have their boyfriends or husbands away for months and years, and I have my respect towards them. But as we are going through it now together, I understand that the best cure for distance is getting closer to each other. Be patient, it won’t be resolved in a blink of an eye, but it is so much worth it in the end. 

Do you believe they made it? Is love that powerful to cross oceans and continents?

Expect the unexpected,

A very young couple, still studying at the university and without any money on the pocket or bank account. Let’s be honest, I am still studying because I am not smart but Alexandrina is already done, on the way to start a wonderful career. 

Our passion is to travel around the world, knowing new mentalities and new cultures that can open our minds always more. Honestly speaking, I am here today, and I already had a few amazing experiences with my princess. Having her next to me is already an experience. I am sure of knowing everything about her, but it is not TRUE, I always discover new weird situations. 

She was an angel, now she is very dangerous! She decides, I need to follow! She like sexual things, she is always horney! What I need to do? I need to satisfy and pay attention to her mood and actions. Basically, I need to be careful because we can break up from one day to another. 

Our love story is called THE CRAZY MOVIE! I consider it as a real movie, and I promise you that when we reach too many crazy stories, a book will be created! Starting from Switzerland where we started knowing and avoiding each other sometimes. She says that it was just a funny story for one month, then fuck off for the entire life. It didn’t happen, she felt in love!

Let me introduce myself, hello everyone, my name is Giuseppe, I am from Italy and passion and attention to detail is what describe me the best. Basically, the perfect gentleman for you ladies!

Next Destination, the amazing Dubai where we felt a lot of emotions, we understood that we were matching perfectly, or at least she understood, I still don’t know! The combination of not having even a euro and the luxurious life that brought us to bankrupt. 

I wasn’t understanding why in 6 months, still Italy wasn’t our destination. To be honest, we didn’t have the possibility! The day arrived, maybe! The train for Milan was late and we thought that Italy was just a desired dream! New country, new experiences and we started to introduce some friends of my family! Alexandrina was very shy, she didn’t even know how to shake the hand, however she knew how to kiss. For at least 6 months, my mouth was saying that in Italy we kiss, of course she was liking my kisses at night! Do you want to know the conclusion? We arrived home with 0 euro, not even 1 euro for a bottle of water, we could die!

The most important part, such mature people ready to be together forever. 10 months together and it is time to meet parents. A holiday to Moldova and Sicily was organized and for more than 3 weeks we were supporting each other at fullest. My father is strict, be careful how you talk. My mother is jealous, don’t touch me when we are having dinner. 

After facing these difficult moments, whatever we said to each other wasn’t true. The best holiday of our life, and of course the post message: I felt you & me every second! Thank you for this trip!

Yes, we are cute, but without jokes, after 10 months we are living one of the best times of our lives together. Travelling helps to discover the partner, understanding strengths and weaknesses, see if this love is true or not. Luckily ours is true!

Go somewhere, follow your dreams, create memories and be happy forever. After some years, you can look at pictures, videos and laugh together about it! Traveling leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller! 

Elegance is a physical quality, it is not being noticed, it is about being remembered. Me and my partner wake up every morning with the desire of being elegant, being different from others and always feel that style that is not easy to create. 

In order to be elegant, you need to pay attention to everything around yourself. Movements, actions and attitude. I show you a secret, I always look at the style of a person to understand if she can be my possible partner one day or not. I don’t know if it is something good to say, but I am not feeling comfortable with a person that doesn’t fit my elegant actions and movements. 

As a couple, we complete each other. We love to buy new clothes and having something new to wear is our passion. My partner sees me as a “fashion blogger” and I literally laugh to hear that. 

It was a wonderful morning, that in few seconds became the worst of my life. I am kidding!! 

She asked me to go buy a dress for her, and my presence was fundamental. I felt like no one else, me as the happiest guy ever. Honestly speaking, I was not. We were in Dubai, imagine that infinite city, with super huge shopping malls with more than a thousand shops and a decision that can be unlimited. 

We arrived at the mall, air conditioning on and a happiness that was still in my blood. The listed shops were on the phone, and I was hoping that the perfect dress for a romantic dinner or photo session was found by the end of the day. We entered in minimum 20 shops and I was trying to suggest in every shop at least 10 dresses. Of course, a dress should be tried and that door of the dressing room was closing and opening several times. I was thinking to go in, maybe in the middle of this confusion, I could help with something more romantic and sexy. 

Guys, are you ready for the end? We were around for at least 5 hours, we ended up walking for that shopping mall, me on one side, she on the other side. Not even a conversation going on, the same we were strangers and not aware of being partners. But luckily, we found that beautiful and wonderful dress, that was of course suggested by the perfect gentleman that every woman desires! I am sorry, I am engaged and Alexandrina is jealous.

Anyway, we love elegance, but it is hard to find something that can make the partner happy! But we really believe that it is needed, we should be remembered and our movements and actions should be seen along life! 

Be aware that elegance should be inside and outside. It is not just how you wear, but as well how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read! 

With an unlimited love,

Amore & Magia

The way you melt on me, the use of your soft hands and fingers to touch me, the whisper of your desire that put me on fire!

I always feel the heat when you slip down your hand, they pass through my chest and stomach, and I feel a weird sensation cover all my body. A question of minutes or even seconds, and the temperature goes up, sometimes me, sometimes you are up… I love kissing every part of your body and seeing you turning on, where the sky is very near. 

The rides are adventurous, you on top of me and your head on my shoulders, the fantastic end that is our best part, when we realize that it was really a long way. 

It was a late Saturday, and naturally we love to have sex. As a usual night, we end up kissing slowly, taking off all the clothes and start the amazing adventure that we would like to never end. We were into it, enjoying every pleasure of that moment when we realized that it wasn’t the perfect place and time. 

It is a risk for us to go out and maintain our limits, therefore that night was one of this! We are from the opinion that experiences are the most beautiful things in life, and arrived at this point, we can write a book full of stories where our love and passion is unlimited. 

It was a confusion, we didn’t know what to do and the blanket was the only solution to cover ourselves. It ended in a laugh, and a lot of shyness in our eyes.

If you are a crazy couple, don’t follow rules but do what you feel. Life is one, we shouldn’t consider limits, but use your time to experience new things. Be always near your partner, feel the love and pleasure, don’t forget to be on top or under of her/him. That feeling is completely heaven that will be never forgotten!

Amore & Magia

Usually during the best moments of your life you would rarely crab your camera to film it, you would rather enjoy the moment without any redundant breath or blink of an eye. This was my biggest motivation to record our memories, capture the moments of tenderness and euphoria, to carry out these emotions across the years. There’s no need for a special occasion or right moment, professional photographer or a perfect weather. You & Him. All the needed tools.

Even if both of us are users of smartphones, we do shoot moments thru our selfie cameras, in January this year I have organized our first photoshoot in Dubai. Time passed by quickly in UAE before our eyes, moments fleeted, but these pictures will forever help us to hang on to those memories a little longer.

Do I encourage you to make the same? The answer is a definite YES! Go further, print them, make albums. Don’t forget to gift one to your grandparents, they surely have your only picture from the kindergarten graduation or primary school. 

Capture raw moments of happiness, perpetuate them eternally.

Being at the university is fun, happy and full of beautiful moments. Sometimes it can be amazing and sometimes the opposite. I was studying the second here of university and as everyone, my main goal was to approach and have fun with all the girls in the school. I was in the right track and I was enjoying it!

My best friend in university is Icelandic and as a team we were pretty good. Observing, evaluating and doing actions was our privilege. Let’s start from here, a lunch was going on in one of the best Italian restaurants of the town, and unfortunately the phone starts ringing! Everyone knows the sound of Instagram and everyone knows as well that the specific sound can be a wonderful news for the upcoming night!

Two fantastic ladies trying to follow my handsome friend and not me! I am hugly, everyone knows! We started implementing some strategies and tactics and the first invitation was sent: “Hello ladies, would you like to drink something with us these days? Me and my friend are interested in you! After trying hard and after a little bit of effort we made it! Super happy and excited, everything was organized. A bar by the lake and a few drinks to enjoy the night. I was late, too busy to arrive there on time, but my mind was there, Alexandrina was so beautiful and she is even better now! 

First night, talking, laughing and making fun of me! She started from the beginning, she was aggressive, really aggressive! But I was liking it, and I was playing her game! The first night ended and the only message I received was: Thank you for the company”, like I was a dog!

Alexandrina was avoiding my messages, not replying and acting like she was ok with it! I was getting nervous but I was observing the situation! There was a big gap from the first to the second night, but we made it! I was aware that Alexandrina didn’t want to come, but she was there, not in the right mood. A bottle of wine, talking, talking and talking. I was feeling in love, that beautiful voice, movements and looks. I was drinking a lot, trying to avoid that shyness!

From that time, everything ended and I didn’t know how to approach her. She is so sophisticated, and everything should be evaluated and calculated! The last strategy came to our mind, playing cards! Two times in a row, and a lot of questions: Why are you sad? What happened? Honestly speaking, I was very close to leave that table and go to sleep. I didn’t!

Alexandrina was dating someone, I didn’t know but I had that kind of impression! Through messages, I tried to explain to her the real situation and that I have feelings for her, and the only answer was: Go for it!

I started my amazing journey, it was full of Amore, the Magia arrived later on! An invitation to a restaurant, 5 days after she accepted and the best table on that restaurant was booked! 5 hours of talking and I know just two things: a bill of 140 euro, I didn’t eat anything and I was drunk! I was missing some words and I was so stressed! The most important question: Is it hard for you a distance relationship? The beautiful answer: it is fine, as long as you feel in love with the other person! It was a long night and the last words: Goodnight, thank you for the night!

Three days passed, another date and a bar with amazing live music. It was raining and in a message I just said: I hope doesn’t rain and the instant reply: Rain doesn’t change anything! I was hoping a kiss on that rainy night! So romantic! A perfect table with a sofa was booked, so she could seat next to me. Do you want to know the end? We stayed there for 3 hours and she never seat next to me! That night was impressive, holding hands and touching each other. A goodnight and a small kiss, Alexandrina didn’t see it as a real one.

What happened? A silence that broke my heart, in my mind there was just a thought, I lost Alexandrina! But that amazing time arrived, I need to talk to you! Few hours to understand what was wrong and after the italian class of talking, Alexandrina fell in love! A beautiful kiss and I slept like no one else on that night.

Everything started, long nights, a lot of kisses and sleeping with her on top of me where my chest was dying of pain! It was the best time of my life and without a doubt the best girl in the past 20 years. 

After one month it was time to be apart, the hard time started and tears coming down. It was graduation and I felt like giving her colorful flowers, just a reminder that everything will be fine, I am by your side and our life will be full of happiness. And a small card: Congratulations for your achievement, you deserve it!

Amore was in the air, not at fullest but was there! We love to share our love story and keep in mind that nowadays it is hard to find the person of your life! There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved! I love her and I hope she loves me!

A movie starts, and slowly the episodes will continue! The only difference, a movie has an end, we will never have it!

Amore grows and the magic comes along with it!

The start of thousand upcoming stories!

Amore & Magia