Travel as a source of bad or good experiences!

A very young couple, still studying at the university and without any money on the pocket or bank account. Let’s be honest, I am still studying because I am not smart but Alexandrina is already done, on the way to start a wonderful career. 

Our passion is to travel around the world, knowing new mentalities and new cultures that can open our minds always more. Honestly speaking, I am here today, and I already had a few amazing experiences with my princess. Having her next to me is already an experience. I am sure of knowing everything about her, but it is not TRUE, I always discover new weird situations. 

She was an angel, now she is very dangerous! She decides, I need to follow! She like sexual things, she is always horney! What I need to do? I need to satisfy and pay attention to her mood and actions. Basically, I need to be careful because we can break up from one day to another. 

Our love story is called THE CRAZY MOVIE! I consider it as a real movie, and I promise you that when we reach too many crazy stories, a book will be created! Starting from Switzerland where we started knowing and avoiding each other sometimes. She says that it was just a funny story for one month, then fuck off for the entire life. It didn’t happen, she felt in love!

Let me introduce myself, hello everyone, my name is Giuseppe, I am from Italy and passion and attention to detail is what describe me the best. Basically, the perfect gentleman for you ladies!

Next Destination, the amazing Dubai where we felt a lot of emotions, we understood that we were matching perfectly, or at least she understood, I still don’t know! The combination of not having even a euro and the luxurious life that brought us to bankrupt. 

I wasn’t understanding why in 6 months, still Italy wasn’t our destination. To be honest, we didn’t have the possibility! The day arrived, maybe! The train for Milan was late and we thought that Italy was just a desired dream! New country, new experiences and we started to introduce some friends of my family! Alexandrina was very shy, she didn’t even know how to shake the hand, however she knew how to kiss. For at least 6 months, my mouth was saying that in Italy we kiss, of course she was liking my kisses at night! Do you want to know the conclusion? We arrived home with 0 euro, not even 1 euro for a bottle of water, we could die!

The most important part, such mature people ready to be together forever. 10 months together and it is time to meet parents. A holiday to Moldova and Sicily was organized and for more than 3 weeks we were supporting each other at fullest. My father is strict, be careful how you talk. My mother is jealous, don’t touch me when we are having dinner. 

After facing these difficult moments, whatever we said to each other wasn’t true. The best holiday of our life, and of course the post message: I felt you & me every second! Thank you for this trip!

Yes, we are cute, but without jokes, after 10 months we are living one of the best times of our lives together. Travelling helps to discover the partner, understanding strengths and weaknesses, see if this love is true or not. Luckily ours is true!

Go somewhere, follow your dreams, create memories and be happy forever. After some years, you can look at pictures, videos and laugh together about it! Traveling leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller!