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We are a couple, we should match!

A relationship is full of moments. Moments where you love at fullest, you are happy and where you believe that nothing can make your life better. At the same time, from time to time few discussions can be a part of you, but we are completely sure that every discussion doesn’t have a sense! It […]

Distance relationship, survival guide.

Distance relationship… Two words and so much can be said around it. If someone would have asked to explain how it is to have someone whom you love apart from you, I would just say that’s hard. It’s hard both mentally and physically. Who wouldn’t need a hug on a rainy day or an instant […]

Travel as a source of bad or good experiences!

A very young couple, still studying at the university and without any money on the pocket or bank account. Let’s be honest, I am still studying because I am not smart but Alexandrina is already done, on the way to start a wonderful career.  Our passion is to travel around the world, knowing new mentalities […]

Make love and be seen!

The way you melt on me, the use of your soft hands and fingers to touch me, the whisper of your desire that put me on fire! I always feel the heat when you slip down your hand, they pass through my chest and stomach, and I feel a weird sensation cover all my body. […]

Photo session as a source of a memory keeper

Usually during the best moments of your life you would rarely crab your camera to film it, you would rather enjoy the moment without any redundant breath or blink of an eye. This was my biggest motivation to record our memories, capture the moments of tenderness and euphoria, to carry out these emotions across the […]

The beginning: The Amore & Magia journey!

Being at the university is fun, happy and full of beautiful moments. Sometimes it can be amazing and sometimes the opposite. I was studying the second here of university and as everyone, my main goal was to approach and have fun with all the girls in the school. I was in the right track and […]